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Dublin Core Exercises and Sources

A star* = newly updated or added

DC creation tool to be used:


Offline: Download DC template (PDF file)

If you use an XML editor: download the XML Schemas

Best Practices and guidelines:


1.1 Create a DC record for a single-file journal article:

1.2 Create a DC record for a multi-file online tutorial:

1.3 Create collection level DC records for:

  1. D-Lib Magazine.
    Note: Please treat the whole magazine, not a particular issue.
    URLs: and
  2. Xpeditions website
  3. Explore Mars Now

1.4 Create a DC record for a dynamic content Web site that provides dynamic information on the screen based on the search or browse queries:


1.5 Create a DC record for a Web page that contains multiple contributors:

Standard vocabularies and rules for appropriate values that will be used in the records of this exercise.

DC documents