Chapter 2 - Section 2. Metadata for cultural objects and visual resources (cont.)
VRA Core 3.0 and VRA Core 4.0 Exercises

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XML schemas for downloading (if you use an XML editor)

Best practices

VRA Core 3.0 Exercises

2.3 Analyze VRA 3.0 records

*2.4 Discuss about the WORK and the photograph (as a WORK) of the George Washington Bridge, presented at:

VRA Core 4.0 Exercises

2.5 Analyze VRA Core 4.0 record examples

2.6 Convert the existing exhibition records into VRA Core records

2.7 Create a VRA Core record for a photograph:

2.8 Create a set of records for a photograph collection

  1. a record for the architecture work itself. (Treat the Fallingwater building as a WORK).
  2. a record for the whole collection. (Treat the collection as a COLLECTION).
  3. *a record for a photograph. Select the first (#1) photograph from the b/w photo set and create a record based on the information available. (Treat the photo as an IMAGE). Use the jpag image for image's measurement; Use the URL of this jpg image as the identifier URI.

Use controlled vocabularies for graphic works