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Tools for creating EAD-Encoded Finding Aids

EAD 2002

EAD3 (version 1.0)

  • EAD3 Version 1.0 is available to download from
    • in .zip or .tar.gz, (released 2015-08)
    • contains the full set of EAD3 schemas: Relax NG, W3C, and DTD (in regular and undeprecated varieties); the ancillary Schematron schema for validating external code lists, standard data patterns, element or attribute co-occurrence, and a few examples of suggested encoding practice; release notes; a readme file; and the license (CC0).

EAD File Samples From the Field


Encoded example


Best Practices

EAD Exercises (for EAD 2002 schema)

4.1 Analyze Finding Aid examples:

  1. Library of Congress Finding Aids
    (Browse by subject and select a finding aid,
    e.g., Browse--> By subjects-->Women--Education--United States--1880-1940 --> Visual materials from the Booker T. Washington papers -->)
    Finding Aid Permalink:

  2. Cornelius Rea Agnew Papers 1857-1888;idno=agnew

  3. Schuler's Restaurant Records,   1944-2002
    (or use browse option to see other finding aids)

4.2 Analyze EAD examples:

  1. For the above #1 item, locate the EAD XML record.
    Choose: Print/Download --> Full Text, XML format --> Use Firefox browser to view the XML file.
    Or directly go to:
  1. Or, check the encoded examples:

4.3 Identify EAD elements for the existing Finding Aids

Compare public finding aids to EAD Records:

4.4 Encode with EAD tags

  1. Create an EAD record based on the "Description & Finding Aid:
    Donald W. Buchanan-James Wilson Morrice Collection"

    Note: You may print the finding aid document and write the codes next to the corresponding sections.

  2. Create an EAD record for "Eva M. Noles Papers, c.1932-2004"
    (was at: *
    Include only the first two items under each Series in your Eva Noles EAD record.

Encoded Archival Context - Corporate bodies, Persons, and Families