Chapter 7. Metadata Quality Measurement and Improvement


1. Search a digital library, select one as your case:


  • Use different queries (e.g., "mars", "mars exploration", "Volcano World").
  • If there are duplicate records, analyze and determine whether they are true duplicates.
  • Also examine all records and compare these records describing the same resource.


Europeana Portal

  • Use synonyms in search (e.g., "World War II", "World War 2", "2nd World War ")
  • Examine the number of hits after each search.
  • Also examine some records and compare these records describing the same or similar resources.
  • Think how a service can be provided to combine synonyms and remove the duplicates. For example, like did (check the left side under "Matches for").

2. Report

  • Write a well-structured, brief report about your findings.
  • Write a proposal of quality enhancement for the case you chose.
  • Attach the records that you corrected or enhanced, and
    mark your corrections or additions on the original records.