Part V. Metadata Standards
Table of contents

Chapter 10 Current Standards

10.1 Metadata for General Purposes
10.1.1 Dublin Core (DC)
10.1.2 MODS and the MARC family
10.2 Metadata for Cultural Objects and Visual Resources
10.2.1 Introduction to CDWA
10.2.2 Important Concepts
10.2.3 The Element Sets of CCO, CDWA Lite, LIDO, and VRA Core
10.3 Metadata for Research Data
10.3.1 Overview
10.3.2 Metadata Standards for Geospatial Data
10.3.3 Metadata Standards for Biodiversity and Ecology Data
10.3.4 Metadata for Social Sciences Research Data
10.3.5 Summary
10.4 Metadata for Archives
10.4.1 Background
10.4.2 Finding Aids Examples
10.4.3 EAD Record at a Glance
10.4.4 EAC-CPF
10.4.5 Related Standards
10.5 Rights Management Metadata
10.5.1 Rights Metadata Elements for User-Oriented Rights Information
10.5.2 Rights-Holder Communities' Metadata Activities
10.5.3 Open Digital Rights Language (ODRL)
10.6 Metadata for Publishing and Press Communications
10.6.1 ONIX (ONline Information Exchange)
10.6.2 EPUB
10.6.3 IPTC Metadata Standards
10.7 Metadata for Multimedia Objects
10.7.1 The MPEG Standards
10.7.2 MPEG-7
10.7.3 ID3v2
10.7.4 PBCore, The Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary
10.8 Preservation and Provenance Metadata
10.8.1 Digital Preservation Metadata Standards
10.8.2 OAIS Reference Framework
10.8.3 Preservation Metadata: Implementation Strategies (PREMIS)
10.8.4 PROV for Provenance Interchange on the Web
10.8.5 DCMI Metadata Terms for Provenance
10.9 Metadata Describing Agents
10.9.1 vCard
10.9.2 FOAF (Friend of a Friend)

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