Metadata for cultural objects and visual resources
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Best Practices

CDWA and CDWA Lite Exercises

2.1 Analyze CDWA records

2.2 Create CWDA Lite records for objects

  • The Path through the Irises, 1914–17, Claude Monet
    Note: Or you may paste the title " The Path through the Irises" into the search box to retrieval the image.

    Note: In addition to read the information next to the image, make sure you also click on each of the fields listed below the image:
    • Signatures, Inscriptions, and Markings
    • Gallery Label
    • Provenance
    • Exhibition History
    • References
    • See also

  • Maiolica

    Note: You may type the title "Maiolica" in the search box and view all results. Are there other objects that share the same name? From the examples, what do you feel about the importance of titles in such records?

2.3 Analyze LIDO records

Use controlled vocabularies for museum objects